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Renowned for sophisticated elegance, Careline creates living spaces for apartment buildings, offices, hotel rooms and private homes using a mix of exquisite finishes, with each piece expertly crafted by highly skilled craftsmen.

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Luxurious living spaces – textured, detailed and styled to perfection. Careline’s exciting comprehensive range includes kitchens, bedroom cupboards, bathroom vanities, bars, wall units and furniture including upholstered beds, sofas, chairs and headboards.

“Trust Careline Living Spaces to keep a finger on the pulse of decorative style in your home with an exquisite mix of finishes to create the perfect balance.”

Living Spaces

A sleek, beautiful living space starts with a statement. We specialise in creating extraordinary living spaces that offer maximum functionality and spectacular opulence.


Classic bathroom designs aimed at maximising storage and functionality! Enhance your bathroom with meticulously designed vanities for a luxurious and private space.


Repurpose the way you see your kitchen. Turn this singular space into a multi-functional marvel where cooking, entertaining, relaxation, reading, and homework can all take place.


Hit snooze on boring bedrooms! With expert attention to detail and superlative finishes, expect excellence when you turn to Careline to recreate the bedroom of your dreams.


Your walk-in closet is designed to create a luxurious storage space. Beyond that it’s all about styling your space to feel inviting.

Iconic. evocative. unique.

Why choose Careline?

Renovating can be stressful! With 42 years of experience in the industry, you can trust us to update your space while staying within budget and on schedule. Each and every item is manufactured on site in our state of the art factory – delivering outstanding, expertly crafted products while saving you time and money.

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