We are renowned for our clean
and sophisticated elegance.

About Us

Established in 1977 in Cape Town, this dynamic innovative company has taken design and manufacturing to the next level. Careline’s purist design approach sets the company apart from all competition. Careline operates from a 4.500 sq metre factory in Cape Town, with showrooms in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and exports to most Sub Saharan countries in Africa.  All machinery is fully computerized with the introduction of robotic technology in the paint division in August 2017. So much more than designing rooms, Careline creates living spaces using an exquisite mix of finishes.  From apartment buildings and offices, to hotel rooms and private homes, expectations are interpreted and exceeded and each piece is expertly crafted in a state of the art factory by highly skilled craftsmen. Careline’s exciting comprehensive range includes kitchens, bedroom cupboards, bathroom vanities, bars, wall units and furniture including upholstered beds, sofas, chairs and headboards.

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